Corporate Governance

Probe is committed to the highest standards of corporate governance practices. The company and its board of directors recognize the importance of corporate governance to the effective management of Probe and to the protection of its employees and shareholders. The company's approach to significant issues of corporate governance is designed with a view to ensuring that the business and affairs of Probe are effectively managed so as to enhance shareholder value. Probe is committed to, and supports, on-going reviews of its processes, policies and practices in order to ensure it maintains good stewardship of investor interests. Probe's corporate governance practices have been and continue to be in compliance with applicable Canadian securities and stock exchange requirements and the company continually monitors on going developments with a view to further revising its governance policies and practices, as appropriate.

Probe's board of directors has five members, four of whom are independent of management. A more detailed discussion of Probe's approach to corporate governance and the activities of the various board committees can be found in Probe's most recently filed management information circular available on the SEDAR website.

Download Probe Audit Committee Charter 2012
PDF, 94.8KB

Download Probe Code of Business Conduct & Ethics 2014

Download Probe Whistelblower Policy 2014
PDF, 32KB  


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